of the world are asking, why?

Is she the mom, as Ted's Bob Saget-voiced voice over from the future seemed to be leading us to believe?

Has she broken up with her karate suit-wearing baby daddy to be with Ted?

Um, no.

Stella and Tony are still very much together. Jason Jones — the dude who plays Stella's baby daddy — told me so when I spoke with him on set during the filming of next week's episode. Yep, that's right. Directly behind Stella, on that street corner where Ted has just ran into her, is her better half, Tony. And the site of the happy couple may just make Ted weep.

But who can blame the guy? Both his career and his personal life are pretty much non-existent at the moment.

However, as Jones explained, Tony may be able to turn at least one of those things around for him. "We bump into Ted and I feel extremely bad about stealing his girl and I try to make amends by throwing some cash at it," he told me.

In fact, I think Tony knows someone who may be in need of an architect… an eccentric sort of dude whom he'll hook Ted up with… though I doubt it's really going to work out.

But, Ted was going on and on about his kids never being born if he hadn't run into Stella that day, so what's up with that?

Well, as Sarah Chalke said during a break from shooting, she and Ted will get some closure during next week's episode. They'll talk and work a few things out. So maybe all Ted's yammering last night was just about him finally moving on and being open to meeting the mother of his children.

Or, perhaps, Stella will play an even bigger part in Ted Mosby meeting his soul mate.

Either way, word is, we'll be getting a significant clue as to where his journey ends in this year's finale, which airs the week after next.

When I brought this clue stuff up to Josh Radnor, he said, "More like coordinates. We're getting coordinates." And a goat. "Yes, there will be a fight with a barnyard animal in the finale," Radnor revealed.

Is this goat related to the big clue/coordinates coming our way? We shall see soon enough…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh