how i met your mother josh radnor neil patrick harris 320x180 'How I Met Your Mother': Ted and Barney fight over RobinOn this episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” two of Robin’s exes realize they still might be in love with Robin, so they do what they think is the logical solution: Duke it out like real men (and booze).

Marshall and Lily, on the other hand, experiment with different sleeping arrangements, but will it affect their marriage?

The Triangle Doesn’t Fit: Robin’s boyfriend and co-anchor Don introduces the possibility of having Robin move into his place. When she shares her dilemma with her buddies, Barney is not OK with the possibility of Robin’s change of scenery, but her roommate Ted is completely sold on the idea (flash to the empty milk carton conundrum). When Robin caves and introduces Don to Ted and Barney (without telling him that she dated them both), Don’s understandably uncomfortable.

Robin seems unfazed about Barney, but lo and behold, the first words out of his mouth have to do with a sexual position no girl has ever accomplished since Robin. Whoops. Ted worms his way around a questionable defense for Robin about why hanging out with an ex is totally cool (the gist of it: hanging out with two exes is better than one) post-relationship, but it’s all too much for Don, who has to think about what he’s getting into.

After Don thinks about his situation, he’s completely fine with Robin’s past relationships with Ted and Barney, but not so fast: Barney’s not OK with it after he see the two kiss. So Ted pulls out “the letter,” a message he writes to himself as a reminder of why he broke up with someone. (Each of them get resoundingly more depressing. Oh Ted.) Turns out, Barney wrote a letter back in 2009 when he and Robin broke up; when the two revisit it, past Barney tells future Barney to remember other boobs! It works for two seconds, but Barney still wants Robin back. 

The gang goes over to Don’s place for dinner, thinking everything’s going to be fine. But Barney’s itching for a fight and tries to one-up Don’s love of spicy food by eating half a jalapeno and a handful of wasabi. Bold move, Stinson, but so gross. After Barney’s unsuccessful show of boldness (and awesomeness), Barney ain’t buyin’ Ted’s statements that he’s totally over Robin. When Ted reads aloud his own letter about Robin, it’s obvious he’s still yearning for the girl he stole a blue French horn for.

After polishing off a bottle of whiskey, Ted and Barney duke it out drunk-style, arguing over who has the right to get Robin. Some of Ted’s defenses include: “spending eternity in her arms” and having her be “the mother of my children.” Barney, however, just “wants to have sex with her at least one more time!” The yelling continues: “Ted Scherbatsky!” “Robin Stinson!” Barney proposes a solution: “I’ll have her ’til she’s 40 and then you can have her after that.” Sounds about right.

Barney and Ted drunk-dial Robin looking for some love. Barney finds out Ted’s on the other line talking to Robin and bashes his head in. Cut to the two drunkenly screaming their love for Robin up from the sidewalk — complete with Ted’s blue French horn from Season 1. When they get up to Don’s apartment, Barney and Ted are down for a three-man beatdown but the ever-sensible Don tucks them in on the couch.

When they wake up with massive hangovers, Ted and Barney apologize for their behavior the night before, but Robin gives it to them straight. She will be taking an extended leave of absence from the group (that sucks!) — and to top it all off, she’s moving in with Don.

Four days later, Robin’s still living at the apartment, and Barney and Ted vow never to act like that again. Barney takes Ted’s advice and writes a letter to his future self. (Hey, the Barnacle is growing up .. sorta! Will he get over the boob phase?) When Ted opens the door ready to yell at Robin for not throwing out the empty milk carton, all he’s met with is an empty room. She really did leave.

Lily and Marshall Want Twins: Lily and Marshall take a few days away from the city and are apalled when twin beds await them in the room. It doesn’t matter though; the couple nod off and awaken 18 hours later (equivalent to four prepaid meals and Marshall shedding an impressive 11 pounds!) when housekeeping pounds on their door.

When they return to the city, they’re bothered by the other’s body heat, toenails, the fact that they can’t eat in bed and drool. When Marshall goes to scratch his knee, it kind of looks like he’s doin’ something else. Maybe they are better off in twins.

They get a little too into this separate bed thing because before you know it, they want a third bed: one JUST for sex. Marshall finds the key: Each bed will serve a specific purpose! How big is their apartment again?

But they soon realize that sleeping in separate beds might not be the best idea. In fact, it may lead to divorce! Not to fret, by episode’s end, Lily and Marshall go back to sleeping in the same bed, however uncomfortably comfortable it is.

Will and Grace Have Nothing on Ted and Robin: So Don thinks Ted is gay, and we are given several instances supporting his inference. One of my favorites? When Ted asks if “Project Runway” is recording and if the Jets got new “costumes.” Or when Ted incorporates creme brulee and ladyfingers into his speech. Robin didn’t help much when she lied to Don about Ted following Cher on tour.

What are your thoughts on Ted and Barney’s reactions to Robin’s relationship with Don? How long do you think Robin will be away from the group? Discuss below!

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