” not only was it raining, but he was standing face-to-face with Stella. Plus, Stella was still not the one (thank goodness) and she was still with Tony. I mean literally with Tony, he was right there standing next to her (he had just turned away for a minute).

What do you do if you’re Ted? What do you think? What are you supposed to say? He thought he acted pretty cool in the situation, but when Tony came by his place later, Tony said he thought Ted had been pretty sad. I’m betting that Tony was far more accurate in his assessment than Ted.

I don’t think any of us are big fans of Tony — except maybe for how he took Stella away from Ted, which may have broken Ted’s heart but got her out of our hair — but Tony did try to be a nice guy about it all, he said he just wanted Ted to be happy. Okay, the problem with that was that Tony’s ways of making Ted happy weren’t terribly bright (except for the teaching thing which perhaps Ted should have really considered). Tony’s ideas were, however, awesome.

You know they were. Designing the murder house for the crazy guy? Awesome. A soundproofed laundry room 15 feet by 15 feet with stain-proof ceramic tiles, steel chains hanging at a height of 9 feet, and the “laundry” hanging for three days and three nights before it would be done? If Ted survived that ordeal (and I don’t imagine the guy would have let him walk away), think of the stories he could tell — “well kids, either I designed a murder house or this guy was just very particular with the preparation of his veal.” It could have been the veal thing… it could have.

I didn’t really understand though why Tony was so sure that Stella was the one right up until Ted said that Ted was over her (because of how she treated Ted) which made Tony decide that she wasn’t the one, only to decide by the end of the episode that she was again. Is he that wishy-washy? Is Stella really that in love with this guy that she doesn’t care that he was so willing to ditch her after they just got back together? For me, that was just another nail in the Stella coffin. Do you think Ted will get a producer credit on “The Wedding Bride?”

Far, far more fun than all of that tonight was our secondary plot — the speeding tickets. Marshall got out of a ticket for a bratwurst, but Barney couldn’t with a gift certificate for a custom made Italian suit. What exactly was Barney thinking there — surely he could have provided the cop with a willing young lass’s phone number instead. That may have worked better than the suit.

As for Robin, pretty girls don’t get tickets, that’s a fact. We all know that’s a fact. I could tell you all about how my wife hit a cop once in the Bronx on a Saturday at 5:15 in the morning and how she didn’t get a ticket (seriously), but I don’t think we need examples of that which we know to be true. Pretty woman don’t get tickets, me they’d pull over for something as innocuous as doing 88 in a 45mph zone. What’s up with that?

I’m wondering though if Barney getting tossed into jail will be enough for him to give up on the “get out of a ticket challenge.” Sure, he was terrified in jail, but I have to assume that by next week he’ll insist he was just testing the waters and that he’ll be back at it again.

Odds and ends:

  • Barney on Stella’s response to Ted’s coolness — “Give it a week, you’ll get her back… and her front.”
  • I love that Ted’s phone’s ringtone is “Let’s go to the Mall.” Do you think that’s available for download anywhere?
  • “The Wedding Bride” — how soon until we hear more about that (do we really have to wait for next May)? Think Ted meets the mother at the movie?
  • Was it just me or did Robin look noticeably less pregnant in the last scene tonight? I’m thinking they probably filmed that a goodly long time ago.

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