Last season on “How I Met Your Mother,” the show purposely took a break from Ted’s romantic quest — to the disappointment of some fans. That won’t be the case this season.

“Being left at the altar and everything, it had been such a big, vertiginous couple of years for him that we wanted to give him a year where he was just dating,” co-creator Carter Bays tells Zap2it. “But that will all come to an end this year. We’re going back to the big, romantic, sweeping epic that is the life of Ted Mosby.”

In the video above, co-creator Craig Thomas describes how Ted (Josh Radnor) will get a “nemesis” this year, thanks to the restarting of his stalled project to design a new headquarters for GNB, the evil bank where Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Marshall (Jason Segel) work. “It begins a very complicated relationship — she’s an enemy, but also someone who’s pretty darn cool. … I’m not going to say whether it’s the mother or not because I haven’t had enough drinks yet.”

About the mother, though? Look for a potentially big development in the season premiere. “We’re going to glimpse the day that Ted meets the mother, and you’re going to have an enormous indication of where [it happens],” Thomas says. “And yet new questions are going to be raised by the fact of knowing where. That’s very vague, but it’s about as specific as we can be.”

The premiere will also bring the return of Rachel Bilson as Cindy, the mother’s roommate. “It’s a very fun silver bullet we get to play with,” Thomas says. “She’s in episode 1 and will walk into McLaren’s, and the story of episode 1 goes from there.”

Other developments this season:

– Get ready for yet another glimpse at Robin Sparkles, Robin’s (Cobie Smulders) teen pop-star alter ego. Bays says this one will be a “prequel,” presumably pre-“Let’s Go to the Mall.” “It’s a very high bar to hit,” Bays says, “but the idea we have, we’ll be vaulting over that bar.”
– Marshall and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) will be concentrating on trying to have a child. Thomas says we’ll see their “first at-bat” in the premiere.
– Barney is going on a quest of his own. “Something will happen” — Thomas won’t say what — that will help Barney realize that Bob Barker is not, in fact, his father and will try to seek out his real dad.

“How I Met Your Mother” returns Monday, Sept. 20 on CBS.

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Posted by:Rick Porter