Alysonhannigan_howimetyourmother_s3 People’s lives grow and change. It’s a fact, sometimes a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless. The folks on How I Met Your Mother found themselves coping with that fact tonight, as tonight they tackled that age old question — baby?

It all began simply enough, with Barney lamenting the fact that there were not hot women in the bar, and that the table of women that seemed hot, only appeared that way because of "the cheerleader effect." For the uninitiated, that’s when a group of women are hot, but only as a group, when you look at them individually, the hotness dissipates dramatically.

It was a solid way to open the show, we all love our Barneyisms, but it paled in comparison to what happened next. Once comfortably seated at the table, Barney got a call saying that he was going to be a dad.

Barney wasn’t up for the whole kid thing, but Lily and Marshall were all for it, not for Barney, for them. So, while Marshall and Lily were planning a special evening to bring a new life into the world, Barney was praying that he wasn’t going to be bringing a new anything anywhere (save maybe a new woman to his apartment, a hotel, her place, an alleyway, you get the idea).

Barney’s prayers were, literally, answered, he was not on the hook (currently) for any pregnancies. Marshall’s were dashed — he had a big merger meeting, wouldn’t be able to get away from the office, and had to call Lily to cancel the baby-making event.

It threw Lily into a tizzy. She seemed ready to go for it when the night was imminent, but as soon as it got put on hold, Lily got nervous. Ted and Robin gave pro and con arguments (Ted pro, as he pretty much is a dad, Robin con, as she is terrified of babies). They both gave some good arguments, and Lily was on the fence, right up until she found the baby sock one of her neighbors left there. Between the sock and the full bottle of wine she had downed, Lily was convinced that she wanted a kid… right then.

Lily bolted from the apartment without Ted and Robin even noticing. By the time those two clowns figured out what was going on, Lily was too far gone for them to track, so rather than putting in any effort, they just went to the bar to argue more about kids (they claimed they were there to see if Lily was, but I didn’t buy it). It turned out that Robin was weakening in her anti-child stance (she stole the baby sock from Lily’s place) and Ted actually invited Robin to move in (if you remember Ted’s birthday party from last season we knew that was coming). As much as I like Ted and Robin, I hope Ted wasn’t getting any ideas of having a child with her, it doesn’t seem like a good direction for them to head.

As for Lily, despite her inebriated state, she had managed to change into something seductive and make her way to Marshall’s office. Marshall returned from a conversation with his boss only to find Lily, drunk and delectable, on his desk. Normally, I think it would have thrilled him, but what with the big merger meeting, he wasn’t into it (the people looking into his office from across the street though must have been). It took Marshall a while (and some poor efforts at hiding her during the meeting), but he managed to get her home safe and sound. By the next morning, they were both in agreement that it wasn’t the right time for them to be bringing a new child into the world.

And, as all those events were taking place, Barney was starting a new holiday — Not a Father’s Day. He even made a website, and I love it when HIMYM makes a website, so naturally I had to pause the show as soon as he mentioned it and check it out (you can buy "World’s Greatest NOT a Dad!" mugs… awesome!). I loved the idea, and so did the other guys who Barney managed to recruit into his new fraternity.

The only problem with his new cohorts was that dreaded cheerleader effect. As Robin pointed out, all the guys, save Barney, were losers. Barney’s new friends were not dads not by choice, but because they were hideous. Once Barney accepted that and found the baby sock, he also accepted that maybe, just maybe he didn’t want to be not a dad. He saw that little baby sock Robin had stolen, grabbed it, and ran off to the karaoke bar to sing "Cat’s in the Cradle."

Yeah, the show had me right until that point. It was funny to see Barney nearly in tears about wanting a kid as a single momentary joke, but not nearly as funny as Not a Father’s Day, and not someplace I see Barney being long-term.

A quote and a question:

  • Marshall, being distressed with Robin ruining his romantic interlude with Lily questioned Robin on her job/housing search. Her response — "Oh, you didn’t hear? I’m the lead anchor on CNN and I got a penthouse overlooking Central Park made of gold. Get your head out of your ass Marshall."
  • The question of the week — did you buy it? Do you think Barney really wants to be a father, or was that just a thing for this one episode?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser