how i met your mother the final page2 'How I Met Your Mother'   'The Final Page': Barney's hail MarySeveral questions come to mind after watching Monday’s (Dec. 17) hour-long “How I Met Your Mother”:

1. Will Barney still take a wiffle bat to Ted’s baguettes, even though he secretly wanted Ted to break the jinx swear?

2. What was up with Peter Gallagher‘s hair?

3. Did Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green and Alexis Denisof hang out on set a lot and reminisce about “Buffy”?

And 4, and most important: Was that all really necessary?

We’ve seen Robin and Barney’s wedding day, so it follows that sometime this season they’d have to end up back together. And because they were fun together before, it’s an acceptable leap to think that Barney and Robin, the two most commitment-phobic people on Earth, would fall back in love and want to get married.

Heck, we’ll even grant that Barney felt like he had to give Robin the “I’m done chasing you” bit a few episodes back to make her reconsider what might be.

But the whole rest of Barney’s final play, “The Robin”? Yeesh. Every word Robin said before Barney’s proposal rang true — why would she ever want to make a go of it with a guy who would concoct a long con like that?

OK, OK, she loves him, and love conquers all. Hooray. But looking back on The Robin now, it feels very much like the reason Barney ran that particular play was because the “How I Met Your Mother” team wanted a proposal in the Christmas episode and needed to mark time for a few weeks before then.

It’s not even that it’s completely out of character for Barney to run a play like this, or for Robin to make a leap in spite of herself. But this particular set of circumstances felt like it demanded more emotional honesty, and it didn’t happen.

On the plus side, the episode did serve up a remarkably mature Ted — in part 2, anyway. The revenge fantasy against his old professor (Gallagher) fell kind of flat. That bodes well for the rest of the series, be it half a season or a season and a half. Ted plays a little better when he’s unsure of himself — that, after all, is where the series began and most of us fell in love with it. So that’s something to look forward to.

What did you think of “How I Met Your Mother” this week? Are you all in for Robarn?

Posted by:Rick Porter