himym ted marshall 'How I Met Your Mother': The saga of Ted and Robin, featuring MacLaren's patron Conan O'Brien

What were your first thoughts after watching Feb. 20’s “How I Met Your Mother,” “No Pressure”?
If they were “THANK GOD,” then we are oh so similar. Guys, we’ve known since FOREVER that Robin is not the mother, so if the producers had decided to try to make Ted and Robin happen again, we would’ve been livid. Frankly, we’re still upset that they decided to make this love proclamation thing a cliffhanger instead of an act break within an episode.
The fact that Ted and Robin aren’t happening again is a good thing. But the fact that they insist on hinting that it could? So infuriating.
That “HIMYM” never forgets anything is one of the things that’s so fun about the show (i.e. the awesome callbacks to previous jokes) , but it’s also supremely frustrating. The writers will never close any doors, no matter how much they should. Robin. Is. Not. The. Mother. Period. After seven seasons, they need to stop jerking us around.
Finding out that the next woman Ted confesses his love to WILL be the mother was definitely satisfying, and so were the yellow umbrellas at the end of the episode (to a lesser extent). We’re getting back to our central mystery. But it would’ve been much more enjoyable if we didn’t constantly feel like we’re being jerked around and there’s no endgame in sight.
In other news, did you catch Conan O’Brien‘s cameo? You can see the talk show host in the background at MacLaren’s starting about ten minutes in. He’s easy to spot, considering he’s about eight feet tall. O’Brien won a cameo in a charity auction in 2011, and he finally collected. We’re just sad that he chose to wear regular jeans instead of jeggings in his glorious appearance.
Posted by:Jean Bentley