himym wedding bride 'How I Met Your Mother': 'The Wedding Bride'Whether I am portrayed accurately (like Darth Vader) or inaccurately (anyone who fights for truth, justice, happiness, yada, yada), I think that to have a movie centered on me would be legendary.

I can understand why Ted didn’t think so on “How I Met Your Mother,” but, I strongly disagree. Legendary. It would be legendary.

Let’s look at the facts. First, if a Hollywood movie is made about your life, you could be played by Chris Kattan, which I think kind of works because he’s instantly recognized without being a Tom Cruise-type celebrity whom everyone would watch and just think “oh, that’s Tom Cruise.” Second, and more important, is the fact that you would always have a major motion picture to show your kids years down the line. If you were Ted, wouldn’t you be showing them “The Wedding Bride” no matter how inaccurately Tony wrote the events? Ted has always seemed to me the kind of guy to take the long point of view on things so shouldn’t he have appreciated what the movie will mean for him down the line?

I ought not completely discount Ted’s feelings, I think anyone would be momentarily hurt, I just don’t get why his friends couldn’t pull him out of it by explaining that he should take a longer point of view. And, as Marshall’s a lawyer, shouldn’t he have suggested that Ted sue Tony? Couldn’t they have gotten in a joke there about how Marshall would need a Blu-ray copy of the film to study up on the case?

Actually, I think where the show missed the mark more was not in that joke but with the early recap of Ted’s life with Stella. Couldn’t that have been done later interspersed with the film (as they did a little)? Even if you’re not steeped in “HIMYM” lore, it’s possible that enough of the story came out when Ted was relating the film to everyone without the semi-clunky flashback.

In the final analysis though, can’t we all admit that Kattan as Jed Moseley was utterly hysterical? The slightly skewed recreation of Ted’s life with Stella that we got tonight was, for me, one of this season’s highlights, at least as far as Ted’s character goes. By the way, the bit about Tony working for free with the underprivileged was great. I must admit though that the idea of Robin not being included is completely perplexing… how do you make a movie about Ted and not include Robin (or Barney or Lily or Marshall)?

Fine, one more thing about Ted’s storyline – I wasn’t buying the physical representation of people’s baggage until the tag at the end of the episode. I think that final joke (left at the altar, gambling addiction, shares a bed with her brother) really sold the gag. Plus, one of the people on the street had “Cubs fan” written on his suitcase, and let’s face it, those people have issues.

Speaking of bags (good transition, right?), how long has Marshall been in New York City that he still wants to help random people move? Beyond that, why would Marshall want to help anyone he knows move anyway? Helping people move may be one of the least fun things ever (except for that time when I had to hang a sofa out a second story window in order to make a tight turn… but I digress). I like that Marshall hasn’t completely lost his small town Minnesota-ness, but helping people move seemed one stop too far on the na├»ve train. Saying hello to anyone and everyone on his street worked for me, but helping random people move was too much.

Odds and ends:

  • Quote of the night goes to Lily, “He’s from Minnesota, his high school mascot was a hug.”

  • Red cowboy boots. Boy Jed Moseley was pulling those off.

  • Major baggage.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser