Joshradnor_howimetyourmother_s3_240Is there anything better than Barney walking into the bar in a ridiculous outfit and insisting that he was going to finally pick up a lesbian? You see, that was how tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother began, and I was completely and totally psyched to see how it was going to play out. Sadly, not only did we not get to see it, neither did Ted.

Ted missed the hilarity (and consequently we did too) because he was off to New Jersey to see Stella. It was a trip Ted found himself making a lot, and one that meant he always missed what his friends were doing in NY and what his fiancée was doing across the Hudson River.

The way Ted saw it, the problem wasn’t so much where he lived, as much as where Stella lived. New Jersey, in Ted’s mind, was one of the worst places on Earth (actually, the whole gang pointed out that there’s little worse than New Jersey and don’t send your complaints to me on that one, I didn’t say it). In a show of something less than friendship, he suckered Barney, Lily, and Marshall into going to Jersey with him (Robin would be joining them after her first day at her new national news job).

While Ted wanted to make his friends happier with where he was hanging out, he didn’t actually plan on spending tons of time there in the future. He envisioned that Stella and her daughter would be moving in with him as opposed to it being the other way around. Ted had apparently thrown the idea out a while back, but had been too drunk to realize that when Stella said it was a "great idea" she was being sarcastic.

After going out to get 144 beers at the local warehouse store, Ted came to the realization that he couldn’t possibly live in Jersey. It just wasn’t in the man (as I imagine it isn’t in many of us). One knockdown drag out fight with Stella later, it appeared — for the uninitiated — that the relationship was done. Ted tried to compromise, agreeing to live in Brooklyn, but Stella informed him that he could live anywhere his heart desired, just without her.

Ted apparently really does love Stella, or at the very least, Stella’s daughter, because after reading little Lucy a bedtime story, he emotionally jumped on board the PATH train (that would be the one that goes to Jersey) and back into Stella’s life. Seems to me that Westchester would have been a perfectly good alternative. It may cost more than Jersey, but it’s at least in the right state.

Oh sure, other people had problems too tonight, Barney told a pretty poor joke about a blowfish and insisted on not dropping his fist until he got a pound, and Robin’s great new job turned out only to be a great new audition. That’s right, Robin didn’t get the job. She apparently put her phone down to do a little dance in the bathroom and missed the part about how she’d only got the audition, not the job itself.

Lily and Barney reminded Robin that she’d already quit her old job and that she shouldn’t go back to Metro News One, that she hated it there, but Robin was too scared. She called her old boss and he gave her 30 minutes to make it to the studio… from Jersey. Ludicrously, Robin made it. However, after reading her first bad pun of the night she quit again.

Don’t worry about her though, worry about us — us as a whole. Robin went to that national news job audition and while she didn’t get the anchor slot, she got the foreign correspondent one. She didn’t even get the cool Alfred Hitchcock kind of foreign correspondent position — she got a job in Japan, which she accepted.

Where do we go from here? I haven’t a guess, all I know is that Robin is one of my favorite characters on the show, I might actually cry if she leaves.

Questions and a quote:

  • Some of Ted’s slams on New Jersey were the funniest, and truest, moments tonight on the show. They ranged from the more true-less funny, "There is nothing I hate more than New Jersey," to his less true-more funny exclamation on the way to the bathroom, "I have to drop a massive New Jersey."
  • Okay, tonight the show postulated that Ted would be moving to Jersey and that Robin would be off to Japan. We’ve had some hints from previous episodes about things still to come that indicate that neither of these things will happen, but, what do you think? Is Ted destined for a life on the wrong side of the Hudson, is Robin off to the wrong side of the Pacific?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser