how i met your mother unfinished 'How I Met Your Mother': Where's the poop, Robin?

It was ladies night on “How I Met Your Mother.” Two bro’d out episodes into Season 6, and we finally get something worthwhile from Lily (Alyson Hannigan ) and Robin (Cobie Smulders ) in “Unfinished Business.”

While the boys muddled along in their pseudo-funny storyline to facilitate Ted’s (Josh Radnor) return to the world of active architects, the fairer sex finally learned to get over Don (and karate) with one of the best episodic threads in a long time: Where’s the poop, Robin?

Apparently Robin had some tell for her bad behavior (calling her ex after seeing him on the news), which reminded Lily of the face her family dog made after secretly defecating somewhere in the house. Ergo: where’s the poop?

Other lessons learned

  • Happy though we might be to see Ted finally realizing his potential and designing his own building, walking out on a classroom full of college students to go seize his dreams was absurdly dramatic — and it wasn’t even for a lady. You’ll never teach in this town again, Professor Mosby.
  • Cobie Smulders is TV’s most untapped comedic dynamo. We’ll be using the “I’m going to fly to Chicago, kill you, put your stupid face on a deep dish pizza and eat it” line in all break-ups moving forward.
  • Are we expected to just sit back and watch Marshall (Jason Segel)continue to Barney-fy himself at GNB when we know he’s got higher aspirations? The fact that all three dudes find themselves working for the man doesn’t seem in line with their dreamy mentality of at least two of them.
  • There’s something about Lily’s brand of disapproval that makes it seem really difficult to disappoint her. Maybe it’s our vestigial guilt from watching her awkward maturation on “Buffy.”

A brief synopsis for next week promises a potentially epic “Mother” offering and (yay!) lots more Robin. When the gang mocks her for not being a New Yorker — which is accurate, her being Canadian and all — she races downtown to catch a glimpse of Woody Allen at some restaurant… because as we all know, dining in close proximity to either Allen, Robert De Niro or Jay-Z gives you instant cred. Nail down the triumvirate and they’ll make you mayor.

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credit: CBS

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell