cristin-milioti-nbc-pilot.JPGCristin Milioti will follow up her time on “How I Met Your Mother” with another romantic comedy, NBC’s pilot “A to Z.”

Milioti, who joined the “HIMYM” cast as the Mother this season, will play one of the two leads in “A to Z,” from writer Ben Queen (“Cars 2,” “Drive”) and executive producers Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”) and her “Celeste & Jesse Forever” co-writer Will McCormack.

“A to Z” chronicles the relationship of a young couple, Andrew and Zelda (hence the title). Milioti will play Zelda, the more practical of the two, an attorney at a public-advocacy firm. She’s very much of the opinion that she controls her own destiny and also has emphatically put away childish things: Per the character description, Zelda “loves being a grown-up and doesn’t understand why anyone over 20 would go see an animated movie or eat ice cream sundaes.”

Presumably Andrew loves all those things, and opposites will attract and they’ll go on to love one another humorously for many seasons to come.

Milioti, a Tony Award nominee in 2012 for the Broadway production of “Once,” has been warmly received by critics and “HIMYM” fans since joining the show at the very end of Season 8. “How I Met Your Mother” wraps production in the next couple of weeks, and its series finale is scheduled for March 31.

Posted by:Rick Porter