jason segel himym finale 'How I Met Your Mother's' Jason Segel on Marshall's fertility and why babies fear him[Warning: If you haven’t watched Monday night’s fifth season finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” stop reading unless you want to get spoiled…]

Okay. Everyone cool?
So Marshall is going to put a baby in Lily’s belly! 
“Maybe. Theoretically,” Jason Segel cautioned Korbi TV on set during the filming of the finale. “We don’t know if Marshall has the goods, but [he’s] certainly going to try.”
Does Segel think his character has defective swimmers?
“You never know these days — he’s eaten a lot of hamburgers,” Segel says in the video below.
But the actor is definitely on board with the idea of Marshall and Lily taking that next step. 
“I think it’s great,” he shares. “I think it’s really neat that the first episode ended with us wondering if we would even stay together and now, five years later, we’re thinking about having a baby. It’s pretty cool to see how we’ve all grown up.” 
Watch the clip for more on that, plus what Segel’s doing with his summer hiatus, why babies don’t like him and how he thinks Barney would react to a little one in their crew…

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