jennifer aniston justin theroux How Jennifer Aniston met Justin Theroux, or: the 'Wanderlust' trailerLook — “Wanderlust,” starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston playing a couple who decide to live life on the road after Rudd loses his job, seems like a legitimately funny movie. But is there any way we can look at the trailer for movie and think anything other than “oh, so this is where Jen met her new boyfriend”? Because really, that’s all we can picture.

Yes, “Wanderlust” is the flick where Aniston met her current beau, Justin Theroux. You can see him in the just-released trailer as a long-haired hippie.

It’s always a shame when stars’ personal lives overshadow their work, and Jen and Justin are not at fault here. They should be able to go out in public like any other normal couple, but unfortunately the country’s general Jennifer Aniston obsession gets in the way of that happening without any fanfare. If only we didn’t care so much about her personal life! (Basically, it’s all Angelina Jolie‘s fault.)
Anyway, the movie, directed by David Wain, looks pretty hilarious, and is chock full of cameos from The State alums and other funny people the group’s adopted over the years. So, what we’re saying is that you should try your hardest to view the trailer as three minutes advertising a movie you will probably see and enjoy rather than evidence of an on-set affair. That’s what we’re trying to do here. (Also: Rudd is adorable as always, so that doesn’t hurt.)
Posted by:Jean Bentley