Katie Cassidy, the reigning vixen on "Melrose Place," talks about the challenges of being bisexual in the new issue of Saturday Night Magazine.

On the show, people. On the show.

]]>102109_katiesatnightmagOn fashionista/publicist Emma Simm’s bisexuality:

"She is 'try-sexual,' meaning she will try anything," jokes Katie. "She is so open and so free, you never what she is going to do. I think it comes from a place where she is desperately seeking love and acceptance from everyone

around her."

Was it daunting to play bisexual?

"It definitely crossed my mind. I have to be ready to

make out with women or have a threesome," Katie admitted. "I need to be ready for anything. Being an actor, a character might have an element or two that might be uncomfortable for you. But I’m not playing 'Katie Cassidy,' I’m playing 'Ella Simms' and that is a part of her. You have to be able to take on anything, and I was open to it. It sounds fun!"

Fun for us, too.

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Photo:  Saturday Night Magazine.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead