hope for haiti now How much did 'Hope for Haiti Now' raise? Official results not in yet
How much money did the US “Hope For Haiti Now” — and last night’s Canadian televised fundraiser — raise?
In Canada, the money raised has been released, with CBC reporting $16 million, and News1130 saying that the telethon raised just over $9.4 million. 
The differing reports come from the fact that $9.4 million was raised from English program “Canada for Haiti” and $6.8 million was raised from the French program “Ensemble For Haiti.”
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that the amount raised will be matched dollar for dollar by the Canadian Government. 


The amount for the United States telethon — broadcast from Haiti, London, New York and Los Angeles has not been released yet.
The songs that were performed by celebrities during the two-hour telethon will be sold on iTunes. Proceeds from that will be included also. Educated guesstimates range from $10-20 million.
Fingers crossed for as much as possible. And a premature congratulations and thanks to everyone involved and everyone who donated money to this worthy cause. Last night, NBA players got in on the action, pledging to donate $1000 per point scored in their Friday, Jan. 22 games. $127,000+ has been raised so far via that pledge.
Photo: Hope for Haiti Now