Star Jones wants you to know she doesn’t throw any of her former co-hosts from “The View” under the bus in her new novel, “Satan’s Sisters.” Yet, we’re not sure she quite knows what that means.
“I believe you should write what you know,” Jones tells Access Hollywood Live. “I thought, ‘Let me have some fun with my soap opera life, and bring it all to bare.'”
“I loved that show for eight years. I worked there for nine, and there it is,” she also says. “They’re having a good time, they don’t think about me and, quite frankly, I haven’t thought about them until I was doing ‘Satan’s Sisters.'”
Sure, there may be a lot of similarities between the group of women who host a daytime talk show right down to their “grand dame” of a lead host who happens to sound a lot like Barbara Walters. No, wait, but in Star’s novel the woman is black. That sure changes everything…
“I would never ever tell the real secrets of my former co-hosts. I think that is tacky,” she says. “I’ve never done it before. Some other people have decided to disclose what they want to, but I’d never breach the relationship we had for nine years, ever.”
So, will Star peddle her literary wares back on “The View”? She’s still waiting for her invite.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog