Poor Kathy Griffin.

Her garish clown-face at the recent Emmy Awards was a major makeup disaster that could so easily have been avoided.

If only she – and, let’s be honest, a few other Emmy attendees with overdone, poorly blended makeup – had gone to the L’Oreal flagship boutique in the Beverly Center.

All they had to do was step into the store’s custom-built “immersive light environment,” aka the Light Pod, a cubicle-sized white room with mirrors and switches.

Inside, with just the flip of a flip of a switch, the actresses could have checked out their makeup in various lights, from a soft candlelit dinner to a dimly-lit club all the way to the retina-searing revelations of the red carpet.

Inside the Light Pod, any woman can instantly see how essential blending and correct color selection is for walking the red carpet. Just press the ‘Red Carpet’ button and prepare yourself for a shock. Every flaw, every wrinkle, every red spot (past, present and future) is visible with the flood of flash. Slightly crooked lip liner, smudged eyeshadow, harsh blush?  Your face looks like a billboard of makeup blunders.

There’s no charge to use the room and check out your face. The most commonlyused settings are ‘Daylight’, ‘Overcast’ and ‘Open Window.’ The L’Oreal girls will even give you a how-to tour.  But if you want a makeup artist to do your makeup inside the Light Pod at a particular setting, it costs $30 and takes about an hour. Best to call ahead 310-360-6555 to sked.

But here’s the really cool part.

Say you’re meeting friends at a hip Hollywood nightspot and you really wanna look hot, like ‘Dude-I-so-gotta-get-her-number’ hot.

The L’Oreal makeup artists can flip a switch from their "Hotspots" lights such as Lucque’s, Spider Club, Koi, The Belmont, Concord, A.O.C, The Bel Age, Eye Candy or Geisha House. Then they’ll make you up accordingly.

Doing a double or triple-header? You can make sure which nitespots you’re guaranteed to look good in and steer clear of the rest. “No, I don’t wanna meet you at Koi. And don’t ask me why.”

Since hotspots go in and out of style faster than hemlines go up and down, new clubs are being added. And sadly, some will be deleted, depending on whether Lindsay and Nicole are still showing up.  “We’re updating all the time,” explains L’Oreal’s Erin Doolan. “We’re going to get Mood, Joseph’s Café, and I think Teddy’s.”

How does L’Oreal duplicate the light levels at these happening spots?

“They go there and use some kind of light measuring machine, and capture the light levels and then put it into a computer,” says Doolan. “Some really smart people do it.”

Let’s just hope some really smart actresses – like Tyra Banks, who stopped by L’Oreal’s Light Pod a few weeks before the Emmys – will use the Light Pod during the next Awards Season.

Photo Credits: Perhaps better lighting would have helped Kathy Griffin’s harsh Emmy face.
WireImage/Jeff Mayer
Photo Credits: Clearly, Tyra Banks found the perfect light for her winning Emmy look.
WireImage/Steve Granitz

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