how to make it 2 320 'How To Make it In America' Season 3 not going to happen: Bryan Greenberg commentsOn Tuesday, HBO officially canceled How To Make It In America,” their series about a group of friends… well, trying to make it in the New York City fashion world. Starring Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Lake Bell, and even Kid Cudi, the series read a bit like “Entourage” (with Mark Wahlberg behind the scenes) minus the money, with added New York grit.

In its second season, “How to Make It In America” averaged about 2.3 million viewers on Sunday nights — down 25% from its first season — and suffered from a serious lack of buzz. (In comparison, HBO didn’t cancel the newbie “Enlightened,” which only premiered to 1.5 million viewers, but which did get some Golden Globe love this week.)

“Thanks to @HBO for the 2 seasons of #HowToMakeIt It was a unbelievable experience playing Ben Epstein,” Greenberg tweeted on Tuesday after the announcement was made. “Thank you to all of the fans of How To Make It. We aimed to capture the spirit of a generation. Never stop going for your dreams.”

Classy guy.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie