How to resuscitate a dying film career?

Start small.

That could be why  Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in serious talks with ABC to appear on "Ugly Betty."

Hey, if being on "Betty" could boost Victoria Beckham‘s profile, it might benefit Lindsay’s career, too.

Buzz is that she will play a high school beauty queen whose life hasn’t exactly worked out as planned (art imitating life?) and who has to work at Betty’s dad’s restaurant. In the three episode story line, Lindsay’s character is befriended by Betty, who tries to get her a job at Mode magazine.

Of course, the darn Writers Guild strike may totally mess up the timing of Lohan’s planned comeback.

Keep on picketing, guys!  Frankly, we’re all enjoying our respite from LiLo headlines.

Photo Credits: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead