smocke claire lost 0316 320 How to spend the best 'Lost' weekend possibleI’ve gotten a few emails since “What They Died For,” and the majority of them have asked me the same question: What should I do during the final weekend of “Lost“? I it’s a fair question, since Jacob has told us that it only ends once. Maybe he was talking about the endgame for his reign on The Island, but just maybe he was talking about these final 72 hours in our world waiting for the series finale to arrive. Just maybe. OK, not really. But just roll with me on this one, people!

But as this will be the last entry I write for this blog before a new episode airs, it feels fitting to give you all a few suggestions of how to pass the time between now and “The End.” And even typing something last “last entry” FEELS like the end, although I can now officially say that this blog will continue for two full weeks after the finale, and then ride off into the sunset. It will be sticking around in perpetuity, but it won’t be updated after that. OK, I’m moving onto to the next paragraph before the room gets dusty.

So here are eight things you can do during these final few days before the finale:

1) Breathe! Seriously, it’s going to be OK. Short of a 50′ Bai Ling stomping around the Island, there’s little chance that the finale is going to retroactively make you hate the show. Not all of us will be entirely pleased by what transpires, but I trust that the writers are more intent on giving us what we NEED versus what we WANT. That might sound harsh, but I think it’s for the best.

2) Pick your three favorite episodes and watch them! Trying to assemble a list of “Must See” episodes at this juncture is somewhat of a fool’s errand. Watching all of them might be physically impossible. So pick three that mean a lot to you, and watch them in whatever order you like. Me? I’m going to watch “The Constant,” “Walkabout,” and “The Man Behind The Curtain.” While my current all-time Top 10 might change when Season 6 is over, I’m not certain my Top 3 will. Epic episodes all, but that’s just my taste. Just as you should make your own kind of music, you should make your own kind of Top 3.

3) Relive every episode right here! Having a hard time figuring out your Top 3? Well, then check out the revamped, completely updated “We Have to Go Back” gallery. It provides links to literally every episode ever. Short of Lostpedia, it’s perhaps the most comprehensive summary of the show’s episodes anywhere online.

4) Figure out your finale viewing plans! This is no last minute decision. Many of you may have already figured out where you’ll be this Sunday night, but if not, don’t leave this to the day of the show. Context is all important here. Some of you couldn’t bear to watch it alone; others might find others a distraction during this one-time event. It’s all up to you. But choose wisely.

5) Absorb as much new “Lost” as you can! Before the series finale ends, you’ll have two more chunks of new material. On Saturday night, starting at 8 pm EST, ABC will air an “Enhanced” version of the 2-hour pilot episode. On Sunday, they will air a two-hour retrospective starting at 7 pm EST, called “The Final Journey.” Not sure why they didn’t call it “The Final Countdown,” but maybe they thought that reference was too cheesy. Too bad. I like cheese.

6) Start a savings account! Sure, the show’s over in 72 hours. But before long, we’ll have complete DVD sets of the episodes, all-encompassing CD box sets of the music, and more “Lost”-related books, clothing, and ancillary materials than you can possibly imagine. And since you’ll be desperate to get it all, and since you’ll be unwilling to go to jail for the crime of stealing it all, break out your piggy bank right now and get to work.

7) Start scoping for new shows! Far be it for me to suggest which shows they should be. Finding the next “Lost” is a bit of fool’s errand, not because there are not equally awesome shows on TV right now but trying to find something EXACTLY like “Lost” is just not going to happen. But there are plenty of shows worth your time now that you have a bit more on your hands. Shows I would humbly suggest that are worth your weekly eyeballs: “Fringe,” “Chuck,” “Justified,” “Modern Family,” “Community,” “Cougar Town,” “Caprica,” and “Glee.” Shows on DVD worth renting if you haven’t seen them: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” “Veronica Mars,” “Wonderfalls,” “Firefly,” “Alias,” “Battlestar: Galactica,” and “The Venture Brothers.” A VERY small sample, to be sure, but enough to hopefully get you started.

8) Enjoy the anticipation! Seriously, this is the LAST time you will ever anticipate an episode of “Lost” again. This is not something to be feared. It’s something to cherish. I have the extreme privilege this Saturday of moderating one of the last “Lost” panels that will happen before the finale airs. It’s subtitled “A Celebration,” and that’s a perfect way to describe the mood I hope to encapsulate when I’m onstage. A show that’s brought so much joy to so many for so long shouldn’t provide angst as the end approaches. Try your best to take that perspective to heart and this should be a fantastic weekend.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee