craig ferguson jay%3Dbaruchel  gerard butler 'How to Train your Dragon' is 'Avatar' for kids. Not a bad comparisonWhen the producers of the 3D animated film, “How to Train Your Dragon,” heard their film compared to James Cameron’s other worldly 3D adventure (‘It’s an ‘Avatar’ for kids’), they were understandably psyched.

“If they liked ‘Avatar,’ they’ll love us,” admitted “Dragon” producer Bonnie Arnold at the film’s junket on Friday (Mar. 19) at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

That day, the Dish Rag was also treated to the antics of the film’s voice stars, Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson and Gerard Butler.

When asked why Craig and Gerard portrayed Vikings with Scottish accents (not Nordic accents), Jay defended his costars. Why is everyone making fun of their Scottish accents, he wondered aloud. “They sounded more like Vikings than we did,” pointing to America Ferrera, who plays his spunky Viking girl crush. “We both sounded like we came from the Food Court.”

]]>Jennifer Aniston likes this guy At one point, Craig whispered to Jay, who then said, “OK, OK, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ means masturbation,” which made everyone laugh, even the publicists. But in all seriousness, this film is an exciting 3D ride, perfect family fare with a great message. The producers are so invested in the story, they’ve already optioned all of the author’s eight books. Only three are out now. The one the film is based on, followed by “How to Train Your Dragon Book 2” and “How to Speak Dragonese.” Check out the film’s cool website. And there will be dragon pajamas, towels, underwear, tshirts, sunglasss, hats, backpacks, tennis shoes, dragon snacks AND action dragons, swords, toys, plush dragons and you guessed it, dragon gaming, all available at Walmart. The film opens in 3D and in Imax on March 26. Move over, Shrek! Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz
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