kristin bauer abri van straten gi How 'True Blood's' Kristin Bauer van Straten caught herself a LemmingWhen a woman decides she is sick and tired of being single, it’s probably best just to get out of her way. But “True Blood” star Kristin Bauer van Straten freely admits to Zap2it that she broke up a band in the process of falling in love with South African musician Abri van Straten.

The actress already had tried (“It felt like a bar for people over 30.”) and eHarmony (“They wanted to match me with someone who was just like me, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s not going to go well. I’d kill that person.”) and even letting friends set her up on blind dates, which went worst of all.

The prospect of spending yet another holiday season as the only single adult at her family’s Christmas table finally pushed her to take matters in hand. But first, she needed to stop by her nutritionist’s to ward off a flu she felt coming on. There was only one available chair in the waiting room and it had a CD sitting on it.

“The girl sitting next to it said, ‘Oh, yes, please sit down, it’s just my favorite CD,” Bauer van Straten says. “She started going on and on about this South African band called The Lemmings, which were on tour in L.A. After a while i was interested enough to at least look at the cover and thought, ‘Hmmm, that guy is cute, why don’t I date him?’ “

The actress went home and downloaded the band’s record “Imperceptible Shift in the Light” to her iPod, which left her instantly smitten with van Straten’s lead vocals. After her family also loved the album during their holiday gathering, Bauer van Straten went online looking for more information about The Lemmings.

“Pretty soon I was in Stalkerville,” she says. “I thought, ‘I’m on “True Blood,” dammit, why can’t I just send him an e-mail and ask if he wants to have coffee?’ Of course, he never had heard of ‘True Blood,’ but he liked my voice on the phone, so we went for coffee on January 14, two and a half years ago, and we were there for 12 hours. We met again for coffee four days later and then got married six months later.”

Meanwhile, van Straten’s bandmates had long since decamped for South Africa, since their tour ended just two weeks after Bauer van Straten sent that first, fateful e-mail.

“It’s been quite an adjustment for him to move to a whole new country when he hadn’t planned on it,” she says. “I was telling people, ‘Oh, my God, I am the Yoko of The Lemmings,’ and I am, because he is having to embark on a solo career here, which is a little easier than it may sound, because he wrote all the music. He didn’t have writing partners. Actually he was waiting for the right new band to happen and now it has. He’s met a Swedish drummer and a bass player here and they are playing around L.A. and he did a solo record last year. So he’s meeting people and doing stuff and it’s going well.”

Posted by:John Crook