howard stern the tonight show jay leno gi Howard Stern claims to be taking over 'The Tonight Show'

Can we expect to see Howard Stern take over from Jay Leno as the next host of “The Tonight Show”? If you believe the radio host, then the answer is definitely yes. But there’s a good chance that we shouldn’t believe Stern on this one.

The claims came on Stern’s Tuesday (March 19) Sirius XM radio when Howard and his co-hosts got to talking about Ann Curry‘s departure from “Today” and the public blame that Matt Lauer has taken over this. “I’ve already contacted him about how I’m taking over ‘The Tonight Show,'” Stern claimed. He then described how Lauer was eager to come on this new version of the late-night staple in order to perform a rather lewd sex act.

Because that’s something that NBC would totally go for…

As is always the case with Howard Stern, it’s hard to tell if he is using a grain of truth to be provocative or if he is making all of this up for reasons of pure “entertainment.” Stern does say that the ratings that would follow (from the male demographics, anyway) were what got NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt to endorse the radio shock-jock as a future host. “This is why Greenblatt said, ‘You’ve got to take over the show,'” Stern explained.

Want to hear it for yourself? Click here to listen to the relevant portion of the program. Warning: Very NSFW.

NBC has obviously not confirmed these claims. The network has not even confirmed that a replacement for Jay Leno is imminent in the future of “The Tonight Show.” Although rumors of Leno’s departure abound, the host still averages solid ratings in comparison to his late-night rivals.

Howard Stern and his unusual brand of humor may have to wait.

Posted by:Laurel Brown