americas-got-talent-S7-premiere.jpgThe focus of the “America’s Got Talent” premiere is obviously Howard Stern. He’s the big news, he’s the new draw. And he gets a big montage to play up his controversial appointment before the show starts.

But once it gets rolling, we don’t find him controversial at all. Stern is definitely not afraid to buzz the acts he doesn’t love, but that’s fine with us. And with the acts he does like, he’s very nice and respectful. He’s actually not disrespectful of the acts he doesn’t like and he’s pretty funny. We also weren’t offended by anything he said. And it was funny to watch him dance with Sergio.

Here are some of Howard’s gems from the premiere episode:

  • “I had a lot of hope for you, I was really rooting for you. I wanted to see some magic. And all Is saw was a guy with his pants off and a rather small package. Don’t feel bad, I’m in the same boat, my friend.”
  • “I’ve been doing radio for over 35 years and you’re too weird for my show.”
  • “Could we see death here tonight? ‘Cause that’s what we’re looking for on ‘America’s Got Talent.'”
  • “First of all, I wish I looked like you. God punished me with this face and you’ve got my face.”
  • “You guys put in your time, you deserve your standing ovation and good for you … a beautiful, emotional performance.”
  • “I think every father in America right now is saying, ‘Wow. That’s the kind of relationship I want with my daughter’ … this is what I call perfection.”

And since I didn’t do my usual recap of all the auditions, I will give some shout-outs to the acts that stood out for me. The earth harp guy, William Close, was pretty awesome and certainly original. Intrigued to see him do more. The hip-hop cloggers, Elements Dance Cru, were really fun and very in sync. The Loyalty Dance Crew was also really great.

As far as kids go, I’d rather see more of The Amazing Elizabeth than Jorge and Alexa, but it was fine that they both advanced. And I also liked father-daughter act Maurice and Shanice Hayes, they were good and may or may not have made me cry a little.

The Jason Schwartzman-looking crossbow act didn’t really impress me – that crossbow had a huge fancy scope on top. Let’s see that with just a plain bow and arrow, Katniss

The Fighting Gravity-type act with dinosaurs was fine, but honestly, it was a bit been there, done that, after Fighting Gravity two years ago and Team iLuminate last year. They didn’t step it up from Team iLuminate, nor did they appear as professional as iLuminate

And I’d also like to shout-out Nick Cannon, who continues to be the funniest and most fun host of a show like this on TV. When he got out to rap with that one act? Delightful. I have like a major-league crush on Nick Cannon. He just seems so great.

What did you think of the “America’s Got Talent” premiere?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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