tvpartyw207.jpgWe don’t throw enough parties for guys. Men. Dudes. Maybe there aren’t enough shows guys like. But this week, we are embracing the importance of Erector Sets as we celebrate Howe & Howe Tech, airing Tuesdays on Discovery Channel. These guys, twin brothers Mike and Geoff Howe, are great at building things that go fast, kick up dirt and knock things over. And isn’t that what guys love? You betcha. Their Ripsaw MS1 and MS2 are the coolest things on two tracks, and we’d like to place our order right now. So call your friends and neighbors and consider a cover charge; we’re throwing a Howe & Howe Tech party!

Setting the scene:
Like all great “guy parties,” this one gets thrown in the garage because we are going to be busy making stuff (messes mostly) that require space, equipment and a general disregard for personal safety. (Seriously, we might burn off some facial hair during this shindig – so think safety as much as possible. And yes, our lawyers told us to say that.) You’ll want to get your hands on a MIG welder and some welding helmets and gloves, 40-feet of 1-inch steel pipe, sheets of metal, a used ATV, two snowmobile tracks, a UTG Full Metal Model 4 Close Proximity air rifle, some life insurance, a wall covered in very complex instruction plans you’ve made yourself that make absolutely no sense, and a poster of the Ripsaw. Party favors – or “stuff,” as we guys prefer calling it – can include Erector Sets and/or Howe & Howe Tech coffee mugs.

If welding is going to happen, people need proper protective clothing. But if it’s not, suggest official Howe & Howe T-shirts and hats. Army fatigues are also acceptable.

On the menu:
Building stuff makes people hungry, so have a variety of Hungry-Man dinners available for everyone. Feel free to have side dishes of pulled pork, rib-eye steak and deep-fried catfish.

On the hi-fi:
Welding by I Roy, We Built This City by Starship, If I Had a Hammer by Peter, Paul and Mary, Welding Touch by Lady Saw, Machines in Motion by Jack Hartmann and anything by Rage Against the Machine.

The showstopper:
If you actually want to build something the Howes would be semiproud of, buy a conversion kit for that ATV to make it into a track vehicle such as the X-GENS by TJD. It’s insanely cool, and you probably won’t lose any facial hair.

Posted by:Michael Korb