Rob_ambermariano_amazingrace11_240_1 First off, this post contains the usual assortment of spoilers. I’m too bitter about Sunday (March 11) night’s Amazing Race: All-Stars to write much, but I wanted to make sure that fans of the show had a place to complain, celebrate and otherwise vent…

With that in mind, on to tonight’s shocking conclusion, which I kind of saw coming…

Two semi-rhetorical questions:

1) Is there any reason for me to watch the reason this season now that Rob and Amber have been eliminated? Go Beauty Queens!

2) If they’re not on Amazing Race anymore and nobody is watching their Fox Reality series, have Rob and Amber ceased to exist altogether?

It was a nearly unwatchable episode, since the entire hour was structured to set up Rob and Amber’s demise, from the opening quote segment when Amber said they were peaking (and Rob insisted he hadn’t peaked), to annoyingly edited detour (where we kept zooming in on Rob’s inability to spell Philippines) to the over-emphasis on Rob and Amber’s trickery with Charla and Mirna. The only question in the end was whether or not the fix was in and this would just happen to be a non-elimination leg. But it wasn’t.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Rob and Amber took a dive. They couldn’t have done more things wrong if they’d tried. Certain things — Rob knocking all of his letters to the floor in frustration, the Dynamic Duo basically walking to the pit stop — spoke to a lack of the competitive fire they’ve always had in spades. But I don’t really think they threw the game. I just think that after getting such great mileage out of Rob’s mental quickness for so long, they had to deal with another reality: Rob may be clever, but he’s also capable of being pretty stupid. And after the misspelled sign (not that they ever even figured out their gaffe) and the naval museum blunder, why did Amber let Rob do the mailbag Road Block anyway? Surely a task that required details and literacy should have been hers and hers alone?

The whole episode was set up so that people who already hated Rob and Amber would repeated confirmations of everything they most despised and those of us who loved the way they played the game would feel sick for an hour, particularly since all of Charla and Mirna’s worst traits were also amplified for the hour.

Yup. Blech.

Sorry. I can’t write anymore. Too miserable.

Anyway, how about you? Doing a little Happy Dance? Or are you miserable like me? And if you were rooting for Rob and Amber before, who are you rooting for now?

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg