huggies ad Huggies ad backlash: Dads chapped by new commercialA series of Huggies ads that depicts fathers as incompetent is sparking a huge backlash from fathers and has already prompted a Facebook apology from the company.

The ads purport to put the company’s diapers to the “toughest test of all: the daddy test.” A group of men caring for babies — mostly incompetently — is shown and, we assume, Huggies manage to do their job despite dads who, they imply, are all neglectarinos.

Dads, it turns out, were paying attention — not only to their babies, but to the ad and soon mounted an anti-Huggie campaign that included a petition and tons of negative comments on the official Huggies Facebook page, reports PR Daily.

In a Facebook update, Huggies addressed the controversy:

“Hi, I’m Erik and I am responsible for the Huggies advertising you are seeing. We have read your feedback on our Dad commercials and, as a father of three young children, I recognize that we need to do a better job communicating the campaign’s message. Our singular goal with this campaign was to demonstrate the performance of our products in real life situations because we know real life is what matters most to Moms and Dads. A fact of real life is that dads care for their kids just as much as moms do and in some cases are the only caregivers. We intended to break out of stereotypes by showing that Dads have an opinion on product performance just as much as moms do. That said, we’re learning and listening, and, because of your response, are making changes to ensure that the true spirit of the campaign comes through in the strongest way possible. For instance, we have already replaced our initial TV ad with a new one that more clearly communicates our true intent; and are in the process of revising the wording of our online communications. We appreciate the honest feedback and look forward to the continued discussion on the brand.”

There’s no such thing as bad press, right?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson