hugh grant gi Hugh Grant turns the tables on British tabloid journalistAnd so the hunter becomes the hunted.

We are particularly impressed with Hugh Grant‘s latest shenanigans. Not because he did anything embarrassingly awesome to land himself in the tabloids (at least not at the moment), but because he’s sticking it to the man. And by the man, we mean British tabloid reporters.

]]>Paul McMullan is one of the ex-journalists involved in the illegal phone tapping scandal to which the actor had been a victim. The case has resulted in multiple arrests for “unlawful interception of voicemail messages,” though McMullen defends the practice as a price paid for being able to live in a free society. Whatever that means. After a chance encounter with the former paparazzo, Grant was presented with a unique opportunity. Having been invited for drinks with McMullen, Grant had the idea to secretly record their meeting and publish all the juicy details. The conversation is fascinating, as the men debate the ethics of phone hacking and the level of privacy that celebrities should (or should not) be entitled to. Grant even presses to find out whether Rupert Murdoch [the CEO of News Organization] had any idea of said phone tapping, to which McMullen responded “Errr, possibly not.” You can read more of the conversation via the New Statesman. We give Grant a gold star for this one. A few quotes from the transcription: McMullan: Friends and family is something that’s not as easy to justify as the other things.
Grant:  But celebrities you would justify because they’re rich?
McMullan: Yeah. I mean, if you don’t like it, you’ve just got to get off the stage. It’ll do wonders.
Grant: So I should have given up acting?
McMullen: If you live off your image, you can’t really complain about someone . . .
Grant: I live off my acting. Which is different to living off your image.
McMullen: Yeah, but you’re still presenting yourself to the public. And if the public didn’t know you –
Grant: They don’t give a s***. I got arrested with a hooker and they still came to my films. They don’t give a f*** about your public image. They just care about whether you’re in an entertaining film or not.
McMullen: That’s true . . .
Continued: McMullen: You can’t hide all the time.
Grant: So you’re saying, if you’re Johnny Depp or me, you don’t deserve to have a private life?
McMullen: You make so much more money. You know, most people in Dover take home about �200 and struggle.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci