hugh kutcher charlie Hugh Grant vs. Ashton Kutcher: Who is your ideal Charlie Sheen replacement?Warner Bros. has officially confirmed Ashton Kutcher‘s new role as one of “Two and a Half Men,” after a flurry of rumors and speculation about the Charlie Sheen replacement process. Before Kutcher’s deal was done, the frontrunner for Sheen duty appeared to be Hugh Grant.

Though Grant was deep into his final negotiations for the role, he ultimately bowed out over “creative differences.” We’re not sure if the character designed for Grant is the same as the Kutcher will play – they don’t exactly fit the same type – but it poses an interesting question.

Which actor would you rather see on the weekly sitcom? Are you pleased that Kutcher is returning to his television roots or are you disappointed that we won’t be seeing Grant on his first American TV gig?

Weigh in below in our poll, then drop us a comment about your likelihood to tune into “Two and a Half Men” next season. Are you going to turn away from the show now that Sheen has been ousted, or will curiosity make you tune in for Kutcher’s debut?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie