hugh jackman real steel Hugh Jackman breaks WWE wrestler's jaw on RAW

Mark this down as the only time a Tony Award winner will appear on “WWE Raw,” let alone actually hurt someone.

Hugh Jackman appeared on “WWE’s Monday Night Raw” (Sept. 19) to promote “Real Steel,” his upcoming robot boxing movie. As per usual, the actors/wrestlers hammed it up and played good vs. evil to the audience. Except in this case, wrestling wasn’t entirely fake.

With the referee distracted (as per usual), Jackman wound up to deliver a “punch” to wrestler Dolph Ziggler’s face. The punch landed a bit harder than anticipated and according to reports, Ziggler suffered a real-life broken jaw. The grappler took to his Twitter to report:

“…MRI scheduled for 1pm…#thanksBatman…hairline mandibular fracture…getting a special mouth guard tomorrow…”

This is, of course, the WWE so who knows if they are playing this up. But since we all know Jackman has an adamantium skeleton, we tend to believe it’s real. Also, Ziggler must have been legitimately concussed if he confused Batman with Wolverine. Come on, now.

Skip to 1:05 to see the punch, but why would you want to skip over all that Hugh Jaction?

p.s. the term “Hugh Jaction” is the sole property of Zap2It.

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