Hooking up, having a baby and doing House for three more years. Series stars Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein speak…

So, the word is out: we’re hearing that House and Cuddy will kiss in this season’s 6th episode. Any details?
Lisa Edelstein: I wouldn’t want to ruin anything, but they’re definitely exploring the House-Cuddy relationship further. And they manage to do it without losing that edgy
dynamic that exists between them. [Executive Producer] David Shore never writes in a straight line so it’s been a lot of fun.

And it will be a lot of fun for the fans who’ve been begging to see a "Huddy" hookup for years.
LE: Many of them [have been vocal]. Whenever I date somebody [in real life], that person gets hate mail that I’m not dating Hugh, even though Hugh is married with a litter of children!

Speaking of children, is Cuddy finally going to get pregnant?

That storyline continues this year. The struggle continues. There’s
a lot of good Cuddy stuff coming up. It’s been really interesting so
far, I’m excited about it.

And how about House stuff? Are there new dimensions of him that you wish to explore?

Hugh Laurie:
It would be impertinent of me to suggest that there are aspects of
the character that exist that haven’t been considered by the writers.
All actors have to be sufficiently humbled to realize that it begins with
what the writers conceive and provide you with. And I think they would
say there are layers to go, situations to put him in that will reveal
anxiety and desires that he has. In fact, those are the things we have
done so far this season. We see House in
some pretty unusual situations
in the first half dozen shows, dealing with his own loss: his loss of Wilson, the
loss of a parent. [He is] dealing with his own grief and what he thinks of
grief, which shows [something] in him that surprises everyone, including House.

We’ve gotten to know House over the years and it seems that he likes to see his underlings succeed. He acts as if he’s sadistic and uncaring, but maybe it’s just extreme tough love?

That’s a very good point. For all the enormous cruelty that he’s
shown in all sorts of situations, perhaps you’re right, he wants to
test people and put them in difficult positions, but he’s never
actually wanted them to fail. Maybe he’s a big
old softie who wants nothing but the best for his children.

Would Cuddy agree?

Yeah. I think if you asked Cuddy, she [would say that she] deeply
admires this human being, as much as he’s a pain in the ass. I think she sees the best in him on that level even though he makes her life very, very difficult.

And how about House’s relationship with Wilson? The term bromance has been tossed around. Is their friendship acting as House’s surrogate for a romantic relationship?

There may be some truth in that. [It’s sort of like] Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
I mean, there is a kind of intimacy, I suppose, between [House and Wilson]. There is a sharing of knowledge that has a marital
aspect to it.

LE: There’s a comfort [between them].

HL: Yeah.

LE: You can be yourself with each other.

HL: At the same time, we’re not similar. We’re complimentary on the most basic level. House wears jeans and a t-shirt, Wilson wears a pocket protector. We’re very different characters, but there is that [familiarity with one another].

Hugh, should we be congratulating you on three more seasons? The trade papers are reporting that you’re committed to the show through 2012.


Yes. But it doesn’t say the rest of us are [committed].

Yeah, so watch it. [Lisa
laughs] No, I don’t know. I haven’t actually read that. I certainly feel very, very
blessed to be doing what I’m doing. This is a character I am still fascinated
by, a character I would say I love, actually. And I love the people I’m working
with. I would be foolish not to go the
distance with the show. And if [2012] is where it takes us, that’s where
it takes us. It may all end in a week’s time. I’m always thinking that

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh