hugh laurie blues album colbert report video gi Hugh Laurie on 'The Colbert Report': Dirty words and singing the blues

Hugh Laurie may not be on “House” anymore, but he hasn’t exactly disappeared. The British actor showed up on Monday’s (Aug. 5) “The Colbert Report” to promote his new blues album and to say a bunch of dirty words with host Stephen Colbert.

Basic cable can say all sorts of dirty things that broadcast networks can’t. This isn’t exactly news. But now ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX are trying to get the old FCC rules changed so that they can talk about sex and stuff too.

Colbert does not approve. And he uses Hugh Laurie to make his point.

There is a glossary of terms that Viacom cable networks are allowed to say. I would list them here, but Zap2It is not on basic cable. Suffice to say that the terms range from the vaguely profane to the flat-out infantile.

That wasn’t Laurie’s entire reason for being on the show, of course. He was also there to promote a blues album, “Didn’t It Rain?” It’s his second album, the first one having been a bestseller.

A few extra highlights include:

  • Hugh Laurie isn’t a great whistler.
  • “I will concede that I seem to be monumentally ill-suited to this task.” – Laurie on singing the blues
  • Starring in a major network drama is not the same as sharecropping, in case you didn’t figure that out.
  • Laurie has a sociological and historical view on why he should sing the blues.
  • The actor stole some of the prescription pads from the “House” set when the show ended.
  • English breakfasts are indeed excellent.

Posted by:Laurel Brown