linda hogan hulk hogan getty Hulk Hogan sex tape: Linda Hogan wants to see itWe guess it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before, but oddly enough, Linda Hogan wants to see Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, reports TMZ. She thinks the tape, which Hulk says was filmed without his permission, will boost her defense in her ex-husband’s defamation lawsuit against her.   

Hulk claims Linda was lying in her book when she claimed Hulk cheated on her, but sources say she thinks the tape could be a key piece of evidence in determining that he actually did. If she can figure out when the tape was made and who the unidentified brunette in the tape is, she can subpoena the woman for the case.

Hulk told TMZ he has been faithful to his current wife Jennifer McDaniel, so it’s got to be at least five years old.

Do you think he cheated on his ex-wife?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper