hulk hogan getty Hulk Hogan's naked sex tape leak raises one question: Why?File this under things we never, ever wanted to see. Professional wrestler and “Santa with Muscles” star Hulk Hogan fully nude in a sex tape.

Reports of the tape’s existence initially leaked out in March, and Hogan slammed it at the time as an “outrageous invasion of privacy” that was “secretly filmed” without his knowledge or permission. He hired a lawyer to prevent it from ever being released. And outside of a few screen caps and gossip reports, it seemed to simply fade away. Until today. says they received a “burned DVD copy” from an “anonymous source” and they’ve posted a one minute XXX-rated edit and a lengthy description of the 30 minute tape with every dirty detail. It’s NSFW, of course, and probably not safe for any human, period. But if you’re curious, it’s there. And at least Linda Hogan finally gets to see it.

We’re gonna go put our “No Holds Barred” VHS on a loop, curl up in the fetal position and pretend this day never happened.

Posted by:Zap2it