LouFerrig_Dimit_16800629_600If you were international music and dance icon Michael Jackson, who would you hire to get you into shape for a comeback concert tour?

Michael chose — wait for it — "Hulk" star Lou Ferrigno.

This whole thing keeps getting stranger and stranger.

"When the promoter hired him to do the tour it wasn't any question for me to train him again because he knew that he trusted me especially with toning and shaping his body," the musclebound Ferrigno tells People. "Being such an icon and he couldn't afford to have any injuries."

Using "conditioning, toning, and increasing his flexibility and stamina," Ferrigno says he helped the entertainer to increase his leg strength.

No heavy weights. More stretching and a light walk on the treadmill. Ferrigno adds, "Being 50, his body went through a lot of stress getting ready for the tour, but he was awesome."

Fifty? That's not old. Ask Mick Jagger.

Ferrigno was shocked by his longtime friend's sudden death. "I was devastated. I mean I was shocked. I still think of it as like a joke or like a dream," he admits.

After all, they’d made plans to collaborate if Lou made it on “Dancing With the Stars.”

"He heard I was in the running to do "Dancing With the Stars," so he said that he would teach me the moonwalk if I did the show," Ferrigno says. "We had a lot of fun." 

We sure hope Lou makes it on the show. This we will watch! How about you?

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