the human centipede 'Human Centipede' sequel gets release date

While some of you are eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 release date, a smaller, more twisted number of you are awaiting the release date for “Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence.”  (No offense, but what’s wrong with you?)

According to horror website Shock Till You Drop, the second centipede flick will be released on October 7.  The film has already been banned in the U.K. by the British Board of Film Certification; director Tom Six has been wearing the news like a badge of honor, even thanking the board for validating how depraved he was able to make the sequel.  Oh goodie…

For the uninitiated, the first film centered around a deranged surgeon who sews his victims together to create a multi-segmented “organism” that shares one digestive tract.  According to the BBFC, the second film centers around a man who watches the first film and experiences uncontrollable arousal.  Sounds like a great date movie!

Posted by:janderson