christopher chance amy acker 'Human Target' welcomes the Six Million Dollar Man and Amy AckerYou know how a lot of episodes have been started one way and then throwing “Four Hours Earlier” or “Two Days Earlier” at us? This episode goes Six Years Earlier. We go back to the days when Chance was working for The Old Man and Winston was a drunken, unhappy cop.

So this is the story of how Chance was assigned to kill Katherine Walters, who turns out to be Amy Acker. He stops being a remorseless killer when he faces the prospect of slightly burnt homemade cookies. Then he runs away with her and has to fight Guerrero and Baptiste before Katherine blows up and (in modern day) Winston gets kidnapped and Chance has to work with The Old Man.

That’s all window dressing. Obviously the awesome part is that we learn that Chance took the name from an older, bad-ass bodyguard played by Lee Majors. Dude, that guy was The Fall Guy and The Six Million Dollar Man!

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