hung thomas jane penis talk 'Hung' star Thomas Jane insinuates he's well cast

Thomas Jane‘s penis likely won’t ever reveal itself on HBO’s “Hung.” The mystique the series has created around the lead’s member over the first two seasons would now require an absurd “Boogie Nights”-style reveal. And that’s already been done.

So while you won’t be seeing it any time soon, that doesn’t mean Jane can talk about it.

In a recent interview with Collider [via Vulture] Jane blames his penis for the role he recently lost in “Headshot.” A buddy action flick, Jane was to star alongside Sylvester Stallone as New York City cop working with a New Orleans hitman… until he was unceremoniously dropped from the film.

“I didn’t get a call from Stallone,” Jane tells Collider. “I was a little upset about that. Maybe they didn’t want anybody on the movie with a bigger d*** than him.”

Maybe — or, if you prefer, he’s also happy to blame racism.

Joel Silver came onboard the project and said that he has a quote-unquote ‘formula’ for these quote-unquote ‘buddy movies’ and it has to be a white guy and a quote-unquote ‘ethnic guy,'” says Jane. “And they relieved me of duty and basically paid me off, which I was really upset about, you know?”

In all seriousness, we are sad to see him off the project. Jane’s sizable talent deserves a larger forum than just a TV show.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell