hunger games cinna haymitch peeta 'Hunger Games' box office: The best opening day ever for non sequelIt’s official — the odds are definitely in “The Hunger Games'” favor. The highly anticipated film about a Dystopian society in which reality television features children fighting to the death has scored the biggest opening day ever for a non-sequel… and the fifth-best opening day overall.

Raking in $68.3 million, including $19.7 million in midnight showings alone,  “The Hunger Games” sits just behind the three “Twilight” sequels and the final “Harry Potter” film. It’s set to take in around $140 million for the weekend, which will likely give it the best opening weekend ever for a non-sequel, beating the current record holder, “Alice in Wonderland,” at $116.1 million.

“The Hunger Games” could be poised to be the highest-earning franchise ever. For comparison, the first “Twilight” took its entire weekend opening to earn $69.6 million — which “THG” nearly topped in day one alone.

As for the rest of the box office Top 5, “21 Jump Street” is at No. 2 with $6.3 million so far this weekend, followed by “The Lorax,” “John Carter,” and “Project X.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie