hunger games 'Hunger Games' sequel gets a release date ... two plus years from nowThe theatrical release of “The Hunger Games” is more than seven months away, but the studio releasing it has already staked out a date for its sequel — for more than two years from now.

Hey, at least that sequel has a (probable) title, “Catching Fire.” Monday (Aug. 8) was apparently a big day for setting far-flung release dates for movies, including a few that don’t even have names yet.

Lionsgate, which is producing the “Hunger Games” films, announced that “Catching Fire” will hit theaters Nov. 22, 2013, the Friday before Thanksgiving. The first movie is set for release March 23, 2012. The studio has yet to announce any other details about the sequel, including a director (Gary Ross is helming the first movie), screenwriter or which cast members from the first film might return.

But in terms of information given, Lionsgate still has a leg up on Disney, which announced four release dates as far away as June 2014 but didn’t attach titles to any of them. According to EW, Disney will release an untitled 3-D movie from director Henry Selick (“Coraline”) on Nov. 4, 2013, a Pixar movie on May 30, 2014, and a pair of unidentified Marvel movies on May 16 and June 27, 2014.

So, uh, mark your calendars? 

Posted by:Rick Porter