melissa george hunted hbo 'Hunted' star Melissa George and creator Frank Spotnitz talk corporate espionage and roller skatingFrank Spotnitz’s latest television venture, “Hunted,” raises the stakes of the conspiracy action-thriller genre. Starring Melissa George, the Cinemax series is set within the world of corporate espionage, a business that spawns many questions surrounding its ethics.

Spotnitz, best known for his work on “The X-Files,” tells reporters at the 2012 Television Critics Association summer press tour: “This is private security. I just thought it creates a very interesting set of moral problems.”

He continues: “We like to think we’re the good guys. If you work with the CIA or FBI, we’re the good guys, or MI5 or MI6. But when you go to the private sector, are you the good guy? I don’t know. You’re being paid to do a job. Just like in our show, the reality is these operatives are not told who their employers are.”

“Hunted” provides an added level of authenticity to its story by shooting in Tangier, Scotland and London, where the scenes were set.
“We wanted it to be cinematic. And that meant really going to locations — really going to Morocco, really going to Scotland. Not faking it. And in London, we [had] no sound stages, so everything [was] shot on location. It’s a lot harder, and lot more expensive, but you see it,” he says.
And of course, as an action-thriller, “Hunted” comes with a good amount of fight sequences and physical conflict.
“Physically, I’m still paying for it now,” George says with a laugh.
How did George train for the action scenes? Fans may recall her portrayal of double agent Lauren Reed in ABC’s “Alias.” As it happens, George’s background as a roller skating champion came in handy when learning the “Hunted” routines. Yes, that’s right — roller skating. 
“The skating is a random sport to be good at. I was competing from the age of 5 years old. When I turned 14 I was second in the junior world, and I was a hardcore competitor. Morning and night, before and after school, I would travel the world. So I was doing triples, and spins, and jumps. I had a lot of stamina and stability,” she admits. “So when I get these action roles, I feel I learn routines faster because I’m used to learning a routine on skates. I’ve got the strength, and I can do jumps, and I can kick. I do pick it up quite fast.”
“Hunted” premieres on Cinemax in Oct. Watch the trailer below.

Posted by:Teny Akay