Medium_face front view -1 Chris Amato, a lawyer representing Thomas Culp, the man who shot his wife, Connie Culp, in the face, tells "Inside Edition" (it airs tonight, check local listings) about the shooting.

Amato says that shooting her with a shotgun in the face "was an accident" and "he never intended to hurt her at all." He says his client hopes to reunite with Connie when he’s out of jail in 2011.

“I believe Tom wants to be with her, yes…" Amato says. "He still loves her.”

Thomas told Amato that he is aware of Connie’s near-total face transplant and he has seen photos of the results. "He’s happy for her. He told me she looked beautiful, he was glad for her.”

Amato also says that Thomas struggles with what he has done to his wife, who has publicly forgiven him. “It’s a struggle for him every day."

We can't even imagine. Either living with it or forgiving the person who did it.

To see what Connie looked like before the shotgun blast and to watch the inspiring video of her press conference, click here

Photo credits: Cleveland Clinic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead