I ALWAYS learn something from the Amy Awards.

Sure some things didn’t surprise me. (What you didn’t like Dead Denny? You’re talking crazy!) But this year I learned that many of you didn't like Renee on "24" (I stand by my claim that she was a great addition to the show and I know some of you agree with me, she received quite a few votes in the best new character category) and that sidekick characters can attract and repel viewers. Walter on "Fringe" and "Sock" on "Reaper" easily made it into the best supporting character categories but they also came dangerously close to being nominated as worst character.

I also learned that you guys are a forgiving bunch. You hated the ending of "Life on Mars" enough to vote it worst plot twist, but still decided it was one of your most missed cancelled shows. And we are clearly going to have to have some sort of throw down over Tim Riggins because you love him as much as I do. (Don’t worry, you’ll probably win. I’m not known for my upper body strength).

And I don’t know if this is more a comment on you guys or the state of television but it is interesting that four out of the five annoying characters were women and all the best new characters were men.

I also listened to what you had to say. You thought Marc and Amanda on "Ugly Betty" had to be nominated together so I did that. And you were desperate for Kara on "America Idol" to be voted most annoying character even though she’s a real person so I allowed it. Oh and I did count "Glee" in the best new show category, it just didn’t have enough votes to make the cut.

It took me longer than I expected to tabulate the results so my friends at Zap2It haven’t had a chance to set up the poll that will allow you to vote yet but it should go live sometime over the weekend. I will send out an announcement via Twitter when the poll goes live and voting will continue until next Sunday, June 21 at 5 p.m. I really apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. Also when the ballot goes up it will include a "skip this question" option, but I encourage you to make a choice if you can.

UPDATE: You can now vote by clicking here.

Here are your nominees for the 2009 Amy Awards (Nominees appear in alphabetical order by show).

1. My Bandwagon Has a Flat or Shows That We Used to Love, But Now are Ready to See Go Away

"Desperate Housewives"


"One Tree Hill"



2. This May Be Your Show but Everyone Watches for Me or Best Supporting Character or Sidekick

Casey on "Chuck"

Walter on "Fringe"

Barney on "How I Met Your Mother"

Sock on "Reaper"

Marc and Amanda on "Ugly Betty"

3. Could You Repeat That? I Couldn’t Hear Over The Gasps in The Room or Most Shocking Moment or Plot Twist

Alpha is revealed on "Dollhouse"

Peter is from the alternate reality on "Fringe"

George is the John Doe victim on "Grey’s Anatomy"

Kutner commits suicide on "House"

Locke is really dead and still in the coffin on "Lost"

4. Please Pass The Kleenex or Most Heart Wrenching Scene

Laura Roslin dies on "Battlestar Galactica"

Smash thanks Coach Taylor before leaving for college on "Friday Night Lights"

Jason is reunited with his girlfriend and son while Tim Riggins looks on on "Friday Night Lights"

Juliet loses her grasp of Sawyer’s hand and falls on "Lost"

J.D. imagines his future on "Scrubs"

5. I Found My Remote for This? or Worst Plotline or Plot Twist

Tony is bad then good then bad again on "24"

Booth has amnesia on "Bones"

Izzie’s brain tumor/Dead Denny on "Grey’s Anatomy"

Sylar becomes Nathan on "Heroes"

They were astronauts on "Life on Mars"

6. My DVR has room for you or Best New Show




"The Mentalist"

"True Blood"

7. If This Character Were Real, I Would Totally Marry Him or Hottest Actor

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) on "Bones"

Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) on "Castle"

Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) on "Friday Night Lights"

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) on "Lost"

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) on "Supernatural"

8. If This Character Were Real, I Would Totally Marry Her or Hottest actress

Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) on "Chuck"

Echo (Eliza Dushku) on "Dollhouse"

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) on "Gossip Girl"

Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) on "Life"

Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) on "Lost"

9. Wait for Me in the Next Room, I’ll Come and Get You When I Need You or Most Annoying/Worst Character.

Renee Walker on "24"

Annie on "90210"

Kara on "American Idol"

Thirteen on "House"

Tony on "NCIS"

10. My DVR Won’t Ever Let You Go or Best New Character to a New or Returning Show

Richard Castle on "Castle"

Walter on "Fringe"

Patrick Jane on "The Mentalist"

Dr. Owen Hunt on "Grey’s Anatomy"

Castiel on "Supernatural"

11. Hearts Aflutter or Most Romantic Scene

Chuck travels the world to get Blair her favorite things on "Gossip Girl"

Alex and Izzie’s wedding on "Grey’s Anatomy"

Barney and Robin admit their feelings for each other (sort of) on "How I Met Your Mother"

Pam and Jim find out Pam is pregnant on "The Office"

J.D. tells Elliot he loves her more than he loves Turk on "Scrubs"

12. I Left My Heart At Upfront Week or Most Beloved Canceled Show

"Eli Stone"

"Life on Mars"

"Pushing Daisies"


"Samantha Who?"

What do you think of the 2009 Amy Award nominees? Talk about it below. And check back sometime between now and Monday for your voting ballot.

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That is all for today. I’ll be back on Monday with a review of "HawthoRNe," the return of "Saving Grace," more thoughts on "True Blood" (after you’ve watched Sunday’s premiere, I need to know what you think) and more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week. Write me at mailto:amytvgal@zap2it.com

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