i am britney jean review e 'I Am Britney Jean': E!'s bland Britney Spears film amounts to nothing more than a commercialAnyone who was hoping for a provocative look into the life of Britney Spears‘ world by watching “I Am Britney Jean” on Sunday (Dec. 22) likely walked away disappointed. The E! film, sadly, came across as nothing more than a commercial for her new album and Las Vegas residency.

Tracking Spears from the announcement of her contract with Planet Hollywood to just before the show’s opening (since it doesn’t open until Dec. 27), the film is so tightly produced, so carefully edited, so singularly focused on the creation of this new show she’s mounting, that it’s clear there was no intention to aim for revelatory art. That’s why it is airing five days before she opens in Vegas, after all — all the better to sell tickets.

That’s not to say the entire thing is without its merits. There’s an interesting film about Spears’ dancers and choreographers trapped somewhere deep within this bland advertisement. The whole popped to life whenever focus went their way. Sadly, that didn’t happen often.

If the goal of the evening was to present a reinvigorated Spears, who admittedly hasn’t seemed this invested in her career in quite some time, and sell tickets — well, mission accomplished. But for anyone looking to learn anything new about the pop icon, well, better luck next time.

Spare Parts:

– The best Britney one-liners:

      – “Watermelon. Watermelon bubblegum, it’s the best.”
      – “I think cheesy is good. Extra cheese, honey. Extra cheese and simplicity.”
      – “It’s an overall place of celebration and family and fun” – Britney on Vegas
      – “I was so into having water. I haven’t had water in forever.”
      – “I want some Skittles!”

– Britney visiting those young cancer patients was actually lovely to see. Too bad we couldn’t have seen more of things like that.

– Also, that joy on Jayden and Preston‘s faces at the end, watching their mom’s show? Too. Cute.

Posted by:Billy Nilles