i am britney jean review e 'I Am Britney Jean' flops: 10 things with more viewers than Britney Spears documentaryIt turns out not too many people wanted a piece of “I Am Britney Jean.”

E!’s big Britney Spears documentary tanked during its Sunday (Dec. 22) premiere, earning just 706,000 viewers, according to USA Today. The two-hour special, which amounted to little more than a commercial for Spears’ Las Vegas residency, took four months to film, chronicling the singer’s preparations for her show.

You may think, “Oh, 706,000 viewers during a holiday week. That’s not so bad.” Well, it is bad. Here are 10 things that earned more viewers this week than “I Am Britney Jean.”

1. A “Vampire Diaries” repeat on Thursday (Dec. 26) on The CW — 887,000 viewers

2. A repeat of the “One Direction iHeartRadio Album Release Party” on Christmas night on The CW — 773,000 viewers

3. The second hour of “The 12 Dogs of Christmas” on Christmas Eve on The CW — 973,000 viewers

4. A Christmas Eve repeat of “Seinfeld” on TBS — 980,000 viewers

5. A 4:30 a.m. airing of “Squidbillies” on Adult Swim on Friday — 973,000 viewers

6. A Christmas Eve airing of “Moonshiners” on Discovery — 2.2 million viewers

7. A 9:30 a.m. Christmas Day airing of “Mulan 2” on Disney — 2.1 million viewers

8. ABC’s annual airing of “The Sound of Music” (the non-Carrie Underwood one) on Sunday — 6.5 million viewers, average

9. A 12:30 a.m. “Modern Family” rerun on USA — 993,000

10. A “Big Bang Theory” repeat on Thursday on CBS — 11 million viewers

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