duck dynasty phil robertson miss kay gi 'I Am Second': 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson says God saved his life, made him a millionaire

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson and his wife “Miss Kay” are baring their deepest, darkest secrets in a new online documentary. 
The TV family’s chief philosopher (that is, aside from “Uncle Si”) recounts his past with alcohol abuse and adultery after marrying Kay young. After detailing how he found the gospel, Kay describes Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson‘s tears when his father decided to leave the devil behind and accept Jesus Christ into his life.
The “I Am Second” film dialogue is a rather intense and dramatic departure from the lighthearted “happy, happy, happy” days lived out on the family’s mega-hit reality show.
Phil recalls making only $8,000 in his first year selling duck calls, and says he believes the reason the family dynasty is now raking in millions per year is because God blessed his obedience to the word of God in the Bible to “be good to your enemies … pray for those who persecute you … do not return evil for evil … if they’re hungry, feed them.” Though he admits about a group of “river rats” who used to steal the fish he caught for a living, “I said ‘I’m gonna be good to ’em, but I’m carrying my gun just in case they’re not good to me.'”
The youngest “Duck Dynasty” bother, Jep Robertson, also appears in the film. He and Miss Kay trade off recounting the day Jep was confronted by Phil, Willie, and the oldest, beardless brother, Alan Robertson, for a drug and alcohol intervention.
“I just fell down on my knees and started crying,” Jep says. “I said, ‘What took y’all so long?’ … You know, I’ve seen my dad cry maybe three times. And that was one of them.”
Also retelling his personal story in the documentary is Jase Robertson‘s son. Reed Robertson says he fell victim to the pressures associated with 12 million people watching his family on TV every week. He describes writing a suicide note and making plans to kill himself before his dad got a hold of him.
You can watch the entire film online for free at the I Am Second website.
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