john-stamos-necessary-roughness-gi.jpgNBC already has seven new dramas on tap for next season, but it may not be quite finished with its orders.

The network has asked for a rewrite of the pilot for “I Am Victor,” a legal drama starring John Stamos as a divorce attorney. NBC passed on it during the upfront season but wants writer Mark Goffman (“White Collar”) to take another pass at the script, Deadline reports.

The show has already gone through some behind-the-scenes changes, with executive producer Katie Jacobs (“House”) departing during the pilot process. The rewrite is expected to have a somewhat lighter tone than the original version and may also shift focus a little — whereas the original split its time between the title character’s work and personal life, the reworked version would be centered on the courtroom.

One other possibility, per Deadline: Two of the show’s female characters may be merged into one potential love interest for Victor.

If NBC likes Goffman’s rewrite, “I Am Victor” will reshoot the pilot in the fall to keep it in the mix for midseason. Stamos, meanwhile, begins a guest arc on USA’s “Necessary Roughness” on Wednesday (June 12).

Posted by:Rick Porter