i just want my pants back c 'I Just Want My Pants Back' finale: What to expect when Jason and Jane reuniteIn case there was ever any doubt about the awesomeness of “I Just Want My Pants Back,” tonight’s Season 1 finale brings out the absolute best in the show. We were laughing out loud by minute three, when Jason (Peter Vack) has a life changing moment — for real — while sitting on a toilet.

No, that’s not where he encounters his much sought-after fling, Jane. When Jason and Jane do reunite later on, sparks fly — but things may not end quite as Jason imagined they would. (When do they ever, really?) Elsewhere, Paul is making himself a little too comfortable in Tina’s (Kim Shaw) apartment… and in her life. Feeling suffocated, she makes some less-than-ideal choices.

Last week, we saw Eric (Jordan Carlos) grappling with the decision to stay in med school or not. In the finale, Stacey (Elisabeth Hower) — convinced he’s bound for “hobodom” — stages a bit of an intervention to sway him in the right direction. Let’s just say the intervention turns awkward when Eric’s ex and her much older, lecherous boyfriend get involved. By the time the episode ends, Eric will have made his decision.

Not a particularly plot-driven show, the strength of “Pants” lies in the distinctive voices of the four main characters and in David Rosen’s ability to capture that incomparable, reckless feeling of summer in New York City. If you’ve ever spent an August night in NYC, you’ll be instantly transported. If you haven’t, well, you’ll somehow find yourself nostalgic for something you haven’t even experienced.

MTV has yet to announce an official pickup for Season 2, but after tonight’s episode, you’ll probably want to join us in a letter-writing campaign. We’ve just got to know the fate of the pants.

Tune in tonight (Thursday, April 5) at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie