mega millions lottery ticket misplaced I misplaced lottery ticket, says alleged Mega Millions winnerMirlande Wilson, the Maryland woman who at first claimed she’d hidden her winning Mega Millions lottery ticket at the McDonald’s where she works, now says she’s misplaced the ticket entirely.

PICS: Alleged Mega Millions Winner Mirlande Wilson comes forward

In an interview, Wilson says she’ll claim her share of the money, If I find it (the ticket).”

“I did not make up no story to get no attention,” she tells NBC News.

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Wilson first said she bought the ticket at a 7-Eleven for herself, then changed her story, claiming someone bought it for her along with a group of tickets being bought by her McDonald’s co-workers. She then told reporters she’d hidden the ticket somewhere in the McDonald’s — a claim other employees dispute, saying she didn’t have a place or the opportunity to hide a ticket in the fast food outlet.

A lawyer for Wilson says, “[I] cannot say with any certainty this ticket exists.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson