carley-hawkins-i-wanna-marry-harry-FOX.jpgCarley Hawkins is the latest eliminated lady on FOX’s summer reality romance show
“I Wanna Marry Harry.” Read on for her answers to our five quick questions segment that
Zap2it is doing with each contestant.

1. What did you think of “Prince Harry” when he arrived? Were you thinking it was really him?
When faux Prince Harry arrived a helicopter landed in the distance and a well-dressed, red-haired, gentleman stepped out as he was quickly taken by what appeared to be security. This was an exciting moment and obviously, due to the entrance, it appeared as if this person was of notable status. At this time some of the ladies were gossiping that it was indeed Prince Harry. I could not allow myself to believe this was Prince Harry. Although things appeared to be adding up, the concept of someone from the royal family participating in an American reality TV show was just too far-fetched. I may be slightly gullible at times; however, I am still a logical thinker.
2. What was your favorite part about filming the show?
When deciding to embrace this opportunity I ultimately did it for the chance to travel internationally, thus my favorite part about filming the show was certainly spending time in the U.K. I yearn to travel the world. I feel as though one of the best ways to experience life is through cultural enrichment. Receiving the opportunity to travel to England and reside in a beautiful estate in the countryside was such a great experience.
3. Did you have a favorite fellow contestant? What about a least favorite?

I am not one to pick favorites. I am sure all of the ladies are lovely; however, I did not have the opportunity to get very close to any of them. I am a very compassionate person. I do my best to remain positive in every situation I may encounter. During my time spent with the ladies I was surrounded by a lot of negative speech and drama which I would not involve myself in. After all, the world is far too beautiful of a place for such negativity. I do keep in touch with a few of the ladies and I do wish all of them the best and success in all that they do.
4. Why do you think “Harry” sent you home?
I believe ‘Harry’ sent me home because I did not come across as interested as most of the other ladies. I remained quiet as I attempted to avoid being the center of attention at all costs. I never showed signs of competitiveness or strived for alone time with him. I did however remain true to myself throughout the duration of my stay at the estate. I am not sure what type of woman faux Prince Harry is looking for, but I will say reality TV is not the place one should search for love.
5. Who is your favorite princess, Disney or otherwise?

Princess … well I have never been much of a fan of fairy tales; The Ninja Turtles were more my style growing up. Donatello was my main man.

“I Wanna Marry Harry” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.  

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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